Alien Wars

The Official Alien Wars Whitepaper

Alien Wars is a collectible, digital combat card game with play to earn (P2E) mechanism and a PvP ranking system. The game allows players to earn rewards, in the form of Alien Wars Gold (AWG) or NFTs. Alien Wars combines blockchain technology with traditional card games. Alien Wars not only allows for owning of playing cards similar to a physical card game, but also for easy trading of NFT cards online.

In the far future, the Federation of Mankind discovers the Meta-V001 blackhole allowing them to fast travel to resource rich Pi galaxy. Pi galaxy contains rich amount of rare element Alien Wars Gold (AWG), the most essential and valuable commodity in the metaverse. Unfortunately, the mining activity of vast amount of Alien Wars Gold has attracted unwelcome enemies.

In the year 31415, an army of the Mech Alliance originated from Andromeda Galaxy invades and occupies 100 planets in the Pi galaxy. Soon after, the war between the Federation and the Alliance break out.

Join the battle by affiliating yourself with one of many factions. Build your own team, hire troopers to win in this ravaging war and become the top ranking ruler and earn AWG!

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