Alien Wars

Technology and Art

The engineering team within Alien Wars are extremely talented blockchain experts and programmers with many years of experience. With their expertise, we have created our own Alien War Marketplace and Staking platform which will be launched right after the initial minting is completed.
The Alien Wars art team is working with leading art studios that have been worked with big game developers and AAA games.
Game Lore Writer
J. Lang J. Lang is a published author in the genre of science fiction, fantasy, and Young Adults. She also has several years of experience in writing and editing, including game writing and she has worked on several games.
Game Design Team
YJ YJ is an upcoming game designer in Singapore who made his fame through his first published game Going Postal. Debuting at Essen Spiel, Going Postal had raving reviews among critics and was invited to PAX Unplugged the same year.
White Paladin Game Designer and Game Developer White Paladin has been passionate about gaming since he was 15 years old, from playing to designing his own games. This has led him to dive into the gaming industry after his National Service, first by managing Leisure Central Game store to being a founder of the Singapore’s first board game café.
Advisor V Game Design Advisor Uncle V has been involved in online gaming, iGaming, and RMT (Real Money Transactions) movement in gaming since the mid 2000’s. He has worked with gaming companies on monetization and growth across iGaming (gambling) platforms across Asia.