Alien Wars

Combat Card Game

Estimated release: Q4 2022
Squad size Up to 5 troops and 1 commander
Board size 3x2, 3 characters in the front line, and 3 characters in the back line. The commander will always be in the middle row. Units priorities attacking characters in their row
Unit types
Ranged - Can attack units at any range
Melee - Can only attack adjacent units



• High defenses • Low power • Melee
• Jumps to attack furthest enemy unit • High speed • Melee
• Attacks over 1 row of units • High damage, low defenses • Ranged
• Good sustained damage • All-rounded stats • Melee
• Uses unique abilities • Ranged
• Enhanced stats • Powerful, one-use abilities

Unit Stats

Health : Measured in hit points. When Health reaches 0, the unit is killed.
Power : Determines strength of the character's attacks. The higher the Power, the more damage the unit can inflict.
Armor : Reduces damage from physical attacks
Shield : Reduces damage from special attacks
Speed : Determines order which units can attack. The higher the Speed, the faster the unit can attack in a turn.


Each character takes 1 action per turn (unless it has a special ability). Unit speed determines action order.

Winning Condition

Opponent’s Commander killed.