Alien Wars

Shavrin’s Lore

Excerpt of Shavrin's Lore
She sighed and she swore Rex sighed too. It was a peaceful morning, a rare moment where she could breathe. She told herself that she had to cherish this particular moment.
But still she kept a watchful eye on the sensors, alert for the tell-tale red blip that might indicate Alliance incursion.
The Alliance. She had fought them. Their mechs were alien. They were alien. Nobody knew how they actually looked like, except that Federation Intelligence had said the aliens were artificially grown. In vats. The first time she heard it, her skin crawled. Manufactured, like factory-made. Artificial. Their mechs were terrifying. Slashing claws, snarling visages where the “heads” should be. Her instructors had drummed into all the cadets the pure savagery of the Alliance mechs. Meeting them in combat only confirmed how true their lessons were.
Below where they stood, the mining machines roared into action. It was the start of another mining operation. Her mission was to stand guard. Her unit had taken up various sentry positions. Alliance mechs had been known lately for sneak attacks.
They all want the AWG, her captain had said during their briefing. A battle-weary man, he nevertheless planned their mission. He vowed that he would be a loyal soldier of the Federation to the last.